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The Only Food you need to eat to stay alive

Taking care of yourself is difficult and it is something we all truly struggle to admit

That is why when I can I try to have as many short cuts as humanly possible.

This overnight oats recipe is versatile.

Once I give you this framework, you can go wild in a bunch of different directions.

This will require a subscription to Huel (affiliate link) for the most macro-nutrient version of this meal.

However, any protein shake honestly will do.

I will warn you now that this recipe as well as this post is a work in progress. Come back to see it evolve

Here is the Shopping list:

Huel Black Edition - $94.99 [$3.16 per serving 30 servings in container]

Trader Joes Oatmeal - $2.99 [$.15 per Serving 14 servings in container]

Trader Joes Chia Seeds - $5.49 [$.40 per serving 14 servings in container ]

Trader Joes Greek Yogurt - $4.49

Assorted Fruits and Veggies - $1.00 per serving

Keep track of your grocery expenses and gain rewards with Fetch (affiliate link)

Total Cart: $110 [14 days of food and 15 days of huel left over]

Meal: $4.12 per serving

Recipe for one serving as follows:

.75 Cups Oats

2 tbs Chia Seeds

2 Scoops of Huel

.5 Cups Greek Yogurt

.75 Cups Almond milk

Fruit Medley

Document the process:

See Video

Macro Nutrients are as follows:

400 Calories

26.7g Protein

45gs Carb

13.8gs Fat

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