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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

When starting a youtube channel many people will tell you to start by picking a niche and will emphasize the importance of it in your youtube career. Niche is more than a buzzword that assists with growth, it is how you build a community around something you are passionate about. A niche can even be applied to anything beyond marketing too, but let's narrow in on it from the social media perspective. From observation, it seems like there are 3 core questions that lie underneath identifying a niche:

  1. What skills or talents do you have or wish to develop?

  2. What do you enjoy doing or learning about?

  3. Will I be of additional value to those who also are passionate?

It is not about just randomly picking a trending topic or something with the highest CPM, it is about finding something that aligns with your personal goals and values. When you are passionate about a topic it will show up in the end result and it will not at all feel like a chore to do so. This will make it more enjoyable for you to create, but also for the audience to engage with the content.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas on your own, consider looking at the content that you enjoy. Even if they are seemingly unrelated, finding a unique way to combine all of that information is something that will be unique to you. It will also give you the opportunity to create a community to discuss things that you enjoy in the world naturally.

Someone who used some common practices to select their niche was Billy. I had a conversation with Billy on my podcast, and he went into detail about what he knows about niches. Billy loved watching personal finance content on YouTube. At work, he was a part of the personal-finance club and created content that would be cool to share within the group. Being that it was a technology company many of the employees enjoy tech, so he is viewing the finance industry through the lens of technology. I currently work in the Finance industry and I know that this view is something that is rare within the space. Merging his passions together gave him the ability to create a niche and provide value to a crowded industry. Thus Bill Cundiff Tech was born. If you would like to learn more about this check out the full conversation.

Observation is truthfully the best method to learn about niche because it is one of those things that is really tricky to coach someone through. I equate it to finding your purpose, it is a journey you have to take on your own.

I picked my niche in a similar fashion to Billy. When creating videos for YouTube in the past I would have to research topics in order to gather enough information. This information was not always something that I was passionate about, so it made making videos difficult for me. Instead, I thought it would be cool to make content around my reading for leisure. It allows me to not have to do additional research for videos as the knowledge will be able to just flow out of me. This is what I am going to double down on.

If you want to see more of the behind-the-scenes of my rebrand, you can check out this video that discusses niches. I also have an article that has recapped my experience with branding so far.

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