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branding is more complicated than I thought

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Starting my youtube rebrand, I initially thought it was going to be an easy task. You know, change my logo, and start uploading different content. However, it created a whole journey of introspection that began to change my vision. I started to see a bit larger in terms of what I was capable of and what I wanted to do with my free time. I started to see the type of impact I wanted to make (if any). There was an enormous limiting belief that I had that I recently lifted. I realized that I could start to become the very people that I was spending time looking up to. Let me explain that a little more. I am a heavy consumer of nonfiction, self-help, and spiritual content, but I was always afraid to touch it on my social media. For some reason, I felt like that content was off-limits until I reached some sort of milestone. However, the content I was consuming was very similar to my conversations with myself. So I started to feel encouraged to post it.

However, there was one last hurdle; I was afraid of what people would think of me. If I tried to make a difference instead of posting pointless content, that I would be criticized. To make a long story short, I decided to say, "fuck it." I have some mental frameworks that I would like to share. Emotionally that was a big transition; I don't particularly appreciate sharing premature ideas.

I decided to broadcast this shift because I know I may not be the only person stuck in analysis paralysis. I want to remind them that it is really about taking that first step; it all becomes a lot easier after that. Selfishly, it will also be cool to point back to the start when I take steps towards my vision.

My first step is learning more about unifying social media personas to create more of a "brand." Finding a way to share my ideas in more than one format. Usually, I would lock myself behind a closed door and do all of this on my own. Figure it all out by myself without leaning on other people. Over time I have realized that I do not have all the answers I initially thought, and that collaboration has some unique benefits. Battle testing your ideas and having conversations with other people are the quickest ways to expand your consciousness.

On my journey, the first conversation I had was with EJ. From this conversation, I learned that there are people that have done what I want to do. It added some validity to my thoughts and helped instill some additional confidence. He also reinforced the idea that branding is different from randomly posting on social media, which is why I now have a website. He also shared with me some thoughts on his work ethic, and what it takes to survive in the era of social media. If you want to listen to the entire conversation, click the anchor link.

I also had a conversation with Emmy Liderman from Adweek. She helped me understand

the art of journalism (which I did not know I was interested in until our discussion) and the emotional roller coaster attached to someone just starting their career. She also explained to me that branding usually requires a strategy and how she posts with intention.

Having these conversations was helpful, and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity. The next step was all on me. I have to figure out what specifically I wanted to post. However, that is a conversation for another blog post. If you would like to see the video that I have made that explores this topic a bit more, you can find it down below.

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