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Walker Capital

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Walker Capital understands that the world can be chaotic and biased; this makes it impossible to identify reliable sources of information or craft your own narrative. 


To combat this we have adopted an approach influenced by Ken Wilber's Integral Thinking. We believe that there is a bit of truth in every perspective.  


We use this to inform our decision-making process and share our findings to help others make sense of the world as well. 


By taking a holistic approach, we aim to empower individuals to think independently and make decisions that consider short, medium, and long-term time horizons. 


Our goal is to help you achieve balance in your money, life, and business through the implementation of our perspective. 

Aiming for Balance

In summary we believe balance is achieved when we think across the short, medium, and long-term. Our perspective is designed to help you create true inner and outer wealth. 

  • Life: Your goals for life should be in alignment with your values and purpose. As you craft goals to help you reach your larger purpose. This holistic approach helps to give direction and meaning to our lives, even during times of confusion and uncertainty.


  • Money: By aligning our financial goals with our deeper values and goals for life across multiple timelines, we can create fulfillment for ourselves and make a positive impact on the world. 


  • Business: We believe that by considering opportunities across multiple time horizons you are more likely to foster an environment that fosters innovation. We can create a more sustainable business and a more fulfilling work environment for employees.


Join us on a journey of sense-making and take control of your future. We have a multi-step process that is repeatable and helps individuals and businesses move towards their long-term goals and vision.

Our Skills

  • Identification: We identify companies and individuals who have successfully achieved balance 

  • Analysis: We analyze the strategies and methods used by these successful entities to understand their approach 

  • Curating: We curate the most relevant and effective information and insights gained from our analysis and make it available to our audience through various mediums such as workshops, webinars, podcasts, and articles. 

  • Education: We educate our audience on the strategies and methods used by successful entities to achieve balance through licensing partnerships.

  • Implementation: We provide our audience with the tools and resources to implement the strategies and methods learned into their own lives and businesses.

Our Process

  • Awareness: The first step in our process is to capture data on the current situation. This helps you understand where you are and what is currently going on.

  • Strategize: The next step is to build a vision of the direction you want to go in the long term and take inventory of the problems that stand in the way.

  • Create a Plan: Using the problems you have identified in your strategy session, we determine pathways and a timeline for overcoming the barriers.

  • Measure outcomes: We gamify the journey by creating a dashboard to measure your progress towards achieving your vision to be easily referenced in your decision making

Our Vision

We strive to make it easier for individuals to execute on this process by providing clarity of thought and facilitating collaboration. We continue to have conversations to move the needle forward and help others to imagine a new future for themselves and the world. At Walker Capital, we are striving to create a unique and holistic approach to investing and decision-making. Using our research into the avenues of creativity and innovation, we have developed a think tank that incubates and develops ideas based on our house view and understanding of global trends. Our Think Tank then partners with multiple educational platforms to identify key talent and coach them to bring concepts from idea to inception, taking long-term venture capital to a new level.  For those with a medium-term time horizon, we look to invest in diversified alternatives that achieve asset appreciation, combat inflation, and have a low beta to the stock market through investments in real estate, art, collectibles, crypto, and more. For those with a short-term time horizon, we look to invest in public markets and advantageous bond opportunities, investing in companies that align with our thesis.  In addition to our investment strategies, we also publish content to aid in implementing our perspective in your everyday life to generate inner and outer wealth.

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