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My name is Tre Walker

At abrdn, Tre played a role in defining a compelling vision and action plan for their DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiative. 


As a life coach, Tre specializes in guiding individuals to craft a life vision and develop actionable plans to realize their dreams. 


Tre's influence extends to the digital realm, where he managed a thriving social media platform. His content garnered over 600,000 views and earned him a following of 6,000 people. Partnering with Finimize he Hosted webinars with audiences reaching 350 live viewers. 


Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Tre authored three books centering around visioning and mental health. Tre's outstanding leadership qualities earned him a well-deserved spot in the TCNJ Hall of Fame. 


Currently, Tre Walker is engaged with Wescott, where he focuses on inbound lead engagement, qualifying new business opportunities, and spearheading the growth of Wescott's business development infrastructure. 

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Our Services

What We Do

The traditional view of wealth, centered around material accumulation, has given rise to a narrow and money-centric approach to life. This perspective often results in unbalanced living, where individuals find themselves out of alignment with their true desires. At Walker Capital, we advocate for a holistic approach to wealth, emphasizing the importance of considering every aspect of how you live. Our mission is to empower individuals to lead wealthy lives by redefining wealth and facilitating conversations around vision, purpose, legacy, and passion. 

How We Do

At Walker Capital, we recognize the link between vision and life design. In our unique approach, we believe that every accomplished goal first begins as a vision. Our engaging presentations, complemented by insightful catalogue, form the core of our methodology.  Through guided assignments and thought-provoking questions, participants are encouraged to actively reflect and engage in meaningful conversations. Our commitment extends beyond the event – participants leave not only understanding the significance of vision and purpose but armed with activities to independently continue this exploration.

Will Gatti, PA

“Prior to working with Will, I was unsure of what step to take next. Will’s coaching helped me to tap into my potential and gave me tools that I’ll continue to use in reaching my goals."

Nadir Roberts, WA

"One of the things Will showed me was how to train my mind to think outside of that specific moment in time. What does your future self want, and what does the you of today need to do to get there. Thanks Will"

Why Vision

After gaining clarity, vision becomes the catalyst for boundless creativity and enhanced thinking. It serves as a tool to deepen your understanding of yourself or initiate the first step in brainstorming solutions to problems. Vision is an excellent means to discover your purpose and passions.

Visioning involves an exploration of psychological functions, particularly imagination—a force that activates when contemplating your vision. Delve into the steps to materialize your future vision and uncover innovative solutions to present problems.

Taking steps toward this vision involves crafting an action plan, assessing finances, and setting achievable goals. This process unlocks dopamine, fostering an enhanced self-view, as evidence of your commitment to transformative change.

In a world marked by systemic injustices, the initial step is crucial, albeit challenging. Even if the destination seems distant, each stride forward surpasses the person you were. Identify those vital baby steps—whether it's a course on YouTube, attending a job fair, or conducting online research at the library—all count.

1. Brainstorm and CraftinG a Vision

Our process begins with interactive brainstorming sessions led by Tre Walker. These sessions are designed to help you dive deep into your thoughts, values, and dreams. Through carefully curated activities, you'll explore the core of your aspirations and begin crafting a vision that resonates with your authentic self.

2. Explore and Learn Through Action

With your vision in progress, it's time for practical exploration. This phase encourages you to actively engage with the world, discovering firsthand what truly excites and fulfills you. With guided reflection to influence learning.

These guided steps allow you to refine your understanding, as some initial preferences may shift when exposed to practical, real-world scenarios.

3. Get Feedback, Iterate, and Adapt

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our philosophy. Share your vision and action plan with others and receive feedback. As you learn through action. Insights gained from real-world experiences become the building blocks for your evolving vision. Tell people what you want to do.

Booking And Contact

By booking a session with us, you're not just investing in a keynote presentation; you're embarking on a journey toward a more fulfilling, passion-driven life. Here's what you can expect:

Our keynote presentation goes beyond passive listening. Engage in an interactive Q&A and thought-provoking activities, ensuring active participation and maximum impact. Attendees receive guided assignments and questions that inspire deep self-reflection. This process doesn't end with the session; it's a catalyst for ongoing personal exploration.

Fill out the form below to express your interest or to request more information. We value the uniqueness of each individual's journey, and our 30-day follow-up allows us to tailor our approach to your specific needs.

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